Welcome to Boxcar Kids!

Boxcar Kids is a unique community for childhood learning and development. We promote STEM-based principles through a combination of outdoor learning, life skills training, and technology. Our campus features a coalition of learning centers that have come together with a common goal of providing the best support and education for our youngest citizens. We value partnerships that promote both social and economic diversity and work together to provide personal experiences for every child.

Boxcar Kids does not yet exist. We are currently seeking funding and resources to launch this project. For now, this site serves as a landing page for potential partners, investors, customers who want to follow the project and might be willing to support the idea. Please check out the information on this site and let us know what you think!

Park Features

These are specific park features that we plan to include in the park’s design. They may not all be feasible once we have our final location and development plan, but our goal will be to include every idea listed below. We will prioritize the project’s inclusion in the design in, roughly, the order listed below, starting with the most important aspects of our park’s design.