Baseball Fields

Short Description: A beautiful, pro-style ballfield for youth baseball and adult softball.

Long Description: 1 – 4 baseball fields for older youth baseball and adult softball. These fields will be the largest single allocation of land in the project, so it will be the most difficult to fit into the design. The fields would be lined with fencing and each field would have covered, open dugouts. We would sell field sponsorships for signage on the outfield and infield fences, and generally go for a professional-style appearance. The fields would feature all-dirt infields and multiple base lengths to accommodate the most players and leagues.

“Infinite” Scenario: 4 ballfields, arranged in a circle. Concessions / offices in the center, with paths to other park features in all directions.

“Budget” Scenario: Likely removed from the project due to space restrictions.

Estimated specifications of a single field: